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Love Home for the Unloved People - June 2016

The Nazareth Illam community was filled with much joy and happiness as a new home was opened for our Mentally Ill people. It took place on 3rd June with the blessings of Rt.Rev. A. Amal raj D.D, Bishop of Ooty and Rev. Fr. Provincial. The stone was unveiled by Mrs. Abbate Giuliana, the Vice President of ASCI. The Local Diocesans, Religious and the local faithful were also present for the ceremony and for the Holy Mass. It was a generous gesture of the Sacred Heart of Province,  ASCI, Sorrisi nel mondo- Tiziana and Fr. Paolo Oggioni, SdC- Pioltello Parish  who rendered their helping hand to build this beautiful home and  their act enkindled optly to remember in this year of mercy about one of the corporeal works of mercy i.e. Shelter the stranger. The Nazareth family could not get a proper house for Child Jesus but our Nazareth Illam could get a new home to adopt our inmates with the help of good-hearted people. Thanks to Providence of God!

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